What to Expect From A Reece Puppy

At Reece Kennels we only breed German Wirehaired Pointers (GWP's) so we can focus on correct breed type & conformation, great temperament, natural working ability and an all around versatile & hard working dog. Reece  Kennel strives to breed dogs that have all their health certificates and are tested to be health certified free of hip & elbow dysplasia, thyroid, cardiac and CERF by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA). We study pedigrees, interview other breeders, visit multiple stud dogs, perform health screenings and work our dogs in multiple venues all with the goal to breed the best with the best.

Our puppies are properly socialized... meeting different people, sounds and surfaces on a daily basis. They are introduced to birds & water; and at 7-8 weeks of age we bring in an outside expert to conduct the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test and conformation evaluations.

We interview every potential owner and the process starts with completing our questionnaire. Once approved we constantly send pictures and videos of the puppies, but our dedication does not stop when the puppy goes home, we plan to be your mentor, advisor and friend for life.

 We take pride in our dogs and breeding practices.

Taking Home a Puppy is a Big Decision. Choose the Right Breed from the Right Breeder.



2017 Planned Litters

Click Here to View Spike x Dixie Litter Pedigree

We are excited to bring this litter together. The pedigree reads like the who's, who in field and show.  With National Field Champions, Dual Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Master Hunters, NAVHDA Utility I, Best In Show Winners and National Best In Specialty Show Winners all in one pedigree.

Spike is a young dog upcoming star, he took 2nd place at the 2015 GWPCA National Field Futurity and 2014 GWPCA National Puppy Stakes. He is currently has several placement in broke FT stakes as he works towards his Field Championship. A dog with lots of style and confidence, he is easy on the eyes while working a field. Also with his fantastic coat you can't go wrong.

Dixie was one of the top Derby/Puppy GWP's for 2014 and now as a broke dog she will continue with her field career. This girl can cover some ground  but can adapt well for the foot hunter, she has been worked in several terrains and has a great natural retrieve.

Both dogs have nice personalities with that work horse attitude. There will be no couch potatoes in this litter, an active dog for an active lifestyle and a litter that will be able to do it all.

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Click Here to View Ryker x Tempo Litter Pedigree


This breeding brings together a lot of the things we look for in a litter. Great temperament, trainability with drive, conformation and an all-around versatile gun dog. Ryker and Tempo possess all of these attributes and more.


Ryker and Tempo were "cut out of the same cloth", both fabulous temperaments that get along great with all people and dogs, they make great family pets as well as companions in the ring, field or any performance event. Both have similar hunting styles, stylish on point, nice quarterly and a great nose. They are both suited for the foot hunter.


Conformation wise they complement each other well. Tempo easily finished her championship with 4 majors before going to a field trainer and  Ryker has both of his majors as we plan to take him to Nationals this year as a class dog. With a line breeding on Best In Show and National Specialty winners this litter is one to consider if you are looking for something special in the ring.


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Click Here to View Truman x Pepper Litter Pedigree

Litter Spoken For, Waiting List Available


Accepting Applications from AKC Show, Performance, Hunting (FT & HT) & NAVHDA homes

Please complete a questionnaire and we will contact you soon. 

Angie Johnson   angiehef@aol.com   407.466.3554


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