What to Expect From A Reece Puppy

At Reece Kennels we only breed German Wirehaired Pointers (GWP's) so we can focus on correct breed type & conformation, good temperament, natural working ability and an all around versatile & hard working dog. Reece  Kennel strives to breed dogs that have all their health certificates and are tested to be health certified free of hip & elbow dysplasia, thyroid, cardiac and CERF by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA). We study pedigrees, interview other breeders, visit multiple stud dogs, perform health screenings and work our dogs in multiple venues all with the goal to breed the best with the best.

Our puppies are properly socialized... meeting different people, sounds and surfaces on a daily basis. They are introduced to birds & water; and at 7-8 weeks of age we bring in an outside expert to conduct the Volhard Puppy Aptitude test and conformation evaluations.

We interview every potential owner and the process starts with completing our questionnaire. Once approved we constantly send pictures and videos of the puppies, but our dedication does not stop when the puppy goes home, we plan to be your mentor, advisor and friend for life.

 We take pride in our dogs and breeding practices.

Taking Home a Puppy is a Big Decision. Choose the Right Breed from the Right Breeder.



Litter Planned for Fall 2015

Contact Angie at angiehef@aol.com or 407.466.3554 for more information.

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Ch Reece Afterhours Pretty Is As Pretty Does JH RN NA NAJ NAVHDA NA Prize I V

GCH Scotian Windswept Expedition SH

Health Screenings - CHIC #67503

OFA Hips - Good  |  Elbow - Normal  |  Thyroid - Normal  |  CERF - Normal   Cardiac - Normal  vWD - Clear  |  EIC - Clear

Health Screenings - CHIC #104230

Penn Hip .38  .28 |  Elbow - Normal  |  Thyroid - Normal  |  Cardiac - Normal

CERF - Normal

This pairing brings to the table some of the best attributes you could look for in a GWP. Versatility, Correct Conformation, Hunting Ability, Trainability, Work Ethic, Health, Great Temperament and Soundness. You Can Have It All!!

Marley and Clark possess the type of temperament that will work hard for you in the field, is always wanting to please, biddable, trainable and truly reflects a versatile dog... but at the same time affectionate and a great family member. They both have correct conformation with good bone, sturdily built, and the idea muscular and medium size as dictated by the breed standard. Marley carries a wonderful wirey coat that needs minimum grooming; while Clark carries more coat, it has the wirey texture needed to protect him in the field. Both dogs are medium ranging gun dogs, high prey drive, with stylish points. They are both natural retrievers and will hit the water which such enthusiasm it will make any lab jealous. Clark has earned his AKC Senior Hunter title and is hunted over every year. Marley has titles in the field, NAVHDA, obedience, agility and is a natural in the water with a nice retrieve.

Clark and Marley take the phrase "Form Follows Function" very serious. Not only can they function in the field but they have both been awarded numerous times in the show ring for their nice conformation and movement with Clark going Winners Dog at the 2012 GWPCA Nationals, and Select Dog at the 2013 Regional Competition on the way to his Grand Championship. Marley easily earned her AKC Championship and has superb movement that makes you take notice. Not only do these two excel in the show ring but they also have what it takes to exceed in all venues. They both truly reflect the versatile dog.

Marley and Clark have both completed and passed all of the required and optional her health screenings as dictated by the GWPCA to be one of 100 GWP's in the country to be CHIC'd (Canine Health Information Center). We know the importance of health screenings

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Dam - Sire & Dam DAM - Grandparents Dam - Great Grandparents Sire - Sire & Dam Sire - Grandparents Sire - Great Grandparents


  CH Ripsnorter Aspenglow Warrior     Nico VD Bemmeraue


BIS CH Ripsnorter's Thunderhart     CH Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico CD MH  


  CH. Ripsnorter's Afarrah The Hart     CH Weidenhugel Yolande V Quincy
BIS GCH Ripsnorter's Mt. View Lookout JH     CH Scotian The Man In Black JH MX MXJ XF    
    BIS Ch Wildefire's Bentley CD JH     DC Cadenburg Victor V Try MH
  CH Mountain View's Next Strike     CH Scotian Northern Light JH NA NAJ  
    CH Ripsnorter's Lighting Strike     CH Ruff Cutt Jet Set Autumn Moon JH
    CH Afterhours Major League     VC Adel Vom Horan's Bauemh of MH UT1
  J an J Afterhours Big Bucks JH NA I     CH Side by Sides Chatanuga Choo MH UTI  
    CH J an J Raisen A Ruckus JH     KTV Mein Schatz UTII
CH J an J Afterhours Dana JH ROM     CH Windswept's Justa Firestarter SH RN RN NAI VX    
    CH Neudorfs Afterhours Gambler      
  Afterhours To Be Or Not To B     CH Justa Ariel Too Tuff To Tame SH NA NAJ CD VX  
    CH Afterhours Kaizans Iluvlucy     BISS DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH

Breeding Planned Fall 2015.

Contact Angie at angiehef@aol.com or 407.466.3554 for more information.



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