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When you get a puppy from Reece Kennel not only do you get a new puppy but you gain a new friend, supporter, mentor and dog family member with Angie & Mike Johnson. We are here to support you and your new family member and nothing says that LOUDER than hearing it from our current puppy owners themselves. We take great pride in the positive testimonials we receive and the new friendships we have gained with every litter.



"...taken by his great temperament..."

My name is Steve Herman, I have been involved with Sporting dogs since 1980, in the 1990's I owned a number of German Wirehaired Pointers and , thereafter was authorized by the AKC to judge the Breed. In the course of judging, I judged a puppy. I liked him so much, I inquired about getting involved with owning and showing him. Fortuitously for him, he was soon to be co-owned by someone who could do a great deal for him. That was Truman.

I did much to support his show career, including awarding him his second Best of Breed at the GWP National Speciality. I also spoke to Angie, occasionally, about another Wirehair for myself.

Now, my Wife, Laura and I are the proud owner of a Truman son. His name is Ranger and we love him dearly. We are most taken by his great temperament and agree if he does nothing more than lay around our home and make us smile, the rest of his life, he will have satisfied us, completely.

Steven Herman & Laura Lucin


"He is Everything and More..."

Joey is terrific in every way. He is beautiful, smart and most importantly healthy and fun loving. His temperament is exactly what we had hoped for. His trainer says that he has the making of a good therapy dog for visits to Primary Children's Hospital as he matures and his training continues. We could not be happier with him. He is everything and more that we had hoped for.

Steven & Meryl Dell



"Wonderful Friendship..."

Owning a Reece Kennel puppy has exceeded all my expectations of the breed!  I have owned Wirehairs longer than my breeder is of age, therefore, I can honestly say that it is an honor to own a dog from Reece Kennels!  The relationship of breeder and buyer doesn't end after the sale but instead is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.  Thank you Reece Kennels!

Linda Eidemiller


"Great Representative of the GWP Breed"

If you are looking for a versatile dog that can go from the field to the show ring to back in the house with the family, definitely consider Reece Kennels for your next dog! 

We absolutely love our puppy out of Truman and Pepper! Our goals when purchasing were to find a pup that would be a great hunting companion, perform in the show ring, and above all be a great member in our family. Though she is still a pup, our little female has proven that she will be all these things and more! The minute she came home, she pointed a chicken in our yard and continues to demonstrate such great natural raw talent in pointing and retrieving. Her personality in the show ring is mesmerizing. She draws attention from everyone around just by how she presents herself. She is with one of our family members daily whether it be out and about on the farm, field, in the house or on the road with our work, she is always well mannered and out going. This pup knows who she is and shows great confidence in a reserved manner. She catches on quickly with just basic manners and we have not had any issues in the house with her. She sleeps in the house and hangs out with us and caught on quickly to potty training. She loves all of our members including the kids and our other dogs and has fit right in.

Working with Reece Kennels and Angie Johnson has been great! Angie is always there to help and answer any questions we have had. She is a great resource and genuinely wants what is best for our pup and family. We truly appreciate her assistance and also that she is not pushy nor intrusive. Angie is super easy to work with and is a great representative of the GWP breed and a responsible breeder. She will make sure to match you with the right puppy so you are not disappointed!

Joe & Erin Yanish


"My Breeder of Choice..."

I had the pleasure of meeting Angie 10 years ago when I purchased my first GWP, Jolee. Since that time, Angie has not only been my breeder of choice for subsequent GWP's, but she also has become a wonderful friend and mentor.

Angie goes well above above and beyond any breeder I know when it comes to the health and welfare of her dogs owned and bred. From health to temperament, to coat and conformation, to working ability, anyone wanting a quality puppy will not be disappointed.

Belinda DeLaby




"Natural Pointing Ability"

When my parents got their GWP puppy from Angie & Mike it was my first experience with a GWP. I immediately fell in love, the whole family did. Not only is he gorgeous but his personality, loyalty, and hunting drive were key influences to me wanting a GWP, and specifically one from Reece Kennels. Now that I have Miss Dixie I couldn't be happier. She is only 18 weeks and has already amazed me with her intelligence, energy and personality. I adore how much she loves to swim and her natural pointing ability. She is a great companion and I look forward to all the exciting activities her and I will participate in. Thank you for everything Angie and Mike.

Ashley Langhoff RN, BSN


"A Breeder that Cares..."

Welcoming Stevie into our Wewatta Wires family from Reece Kennels has been an incredible experience. Our little girl is a great representation of the breed and exactly what breeders should be striving to produce. Angie has gone out of her way to help educate me on absolutely everything I have asked. She has taught me about bloodlines, conformation, field ability - the list is really to long to write. Having a breeder that cares about her dogs even after they have gone to their new homes is an integral part of raising a successful wirehair. I would recommend Reece Kennels for anyone looking for a perfect fur family member.

Stephanie Josey


"Honest, Friendly and Knowledgeable"

It has been well over a year ago that my husband and I got our first GWP. Angie and I work for the same company in different divisions. This is how we met. We already were showing dogs. We got to know each other better at work and at dog shows.

Angie mentioned that she was going to breed Dana. We joked that she would bring the entire litter into work and put them in my cube for the day. She was sure at the end of the day I would write a check for the lot. I am glad to say this never came to pass as I probably would have written a check!

As time passed and it came closer to time for the birth, I was definitely interested in a puppy. Unfortunately, there were a number of people ahead of me. Luckily, there were enough puppies to go around. We visited and played with all the puppies. In our position you try not to pick a favorite, but there was a puppy with two spots, affectionately know as Two-spot and now Katie.

We came to get a puppy with absolutely no pressure. If you like the puppy great, if it is just not what you are looking for that is fine also. Well we did get Two-spot and the fates would have it.

Dealing with Mike and Angie is a dream. They are honest, friendly, knowledgeable, kind, and ready to help you learn and enjoy your new GWP. They are always there to help, willing to listen; offer advice and find help if they do now know. They really care about the Wires and their owners. We are involved with hunt tests, field trails, confirmation, and NAVHDA

Angie and Mike are now our dearest friends. Remember your friends are the ones that get you in the most trouble. We are now expecting our second GWP out of Daisy and Dallas.

George & Maryanna Herrington


"Locate a Responsible Breeder"

After extensive research, my husband and I decided that a German Wirehaired Pointer would be the best dog for us. Once we decided on the breed, it was important to us to locate a responsible breeder. We found Angie and Mike Johnson and it was very easy to tell they cared about the breed. Both are extremely knowledgeable and have been very helpful throughout this whole process. Once we picked Oskar out and took him home it did not take us very long to tell that he is a very well-bred dog. We are so happy with him, we are already looking to add another wirehair to your family.

Oskar has beautiful markings and a great tight and wiry coat that requires little maintenance. He started pointing and hunting things in the yard within a few weeks. His championship will come easy because he is a very balanced animal; we are going to start his agility training soon. Oskar does everything we ask of him and we have found him to be easily trained.

We would and have recommend Reece Kennels to anyone who is looking for a great all around wirehair, from a family member to lie on the couch to a champion in the ring and on the field.

Josh and Erika




"proud to have one of your pups."

As we approach the pups one year birthday, I wanted to send our gratitude for Jase. I don't know that my words can fully express how much joy he brings in our lives, but I will try!

When we applied to be pet parents for one of your pups we had concerns that all of our requests for a dog wouldn't be conveyed well. But you certainly proved us wrong!

Everything we asked for - color, conformation, weight, drive for hunt, friendliness towards everyone, willing to please, was meant... he has it all! Ourselves and our friends and family are more than impressed. Jase has become a large part of our family, at hunting camp every weekend, sometimes going to work with us and he has even participated in a couple extended family vacations.

Your active participation in everything your puppy offspring does is incredible! We certainly think of you as an extended family members and are proud to have one of your pups.

John & Margo Kitto



"She is a Superstar..."

When I decided to get a third GWP, I spent many months investigating the plethora of breeders all over the country. One day, by happenchance, I opened your web site and immediately was drawn to the obvious spirit, passion and love you have for your dogs.


I found myself returning to Reece Kennels almost every other day for weeks on end. Until, finally, I picked up the phone and called you.


My life, since getting WyNott, has blossomed more that I thought imaginable. She is a dream come true. A beautiful, well-adjusted, loving, calm, playful and silly little dog that captivates our restaurant's guests on a nightly basis. She is fearless and inquisitive and willing to attempt any feat big or small. She is awesome with children, of any age, and gets along with every dog she encounters. She's a sweet little sister to my older two "W's", Wyeth and Watson. And, she is truly my companion.


Quite frankly, she is a superstar.


And, I owe her being "all that" to you and what you stand for and what you strive to be as top-notch, extraordinary breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers. I also have to thank you for being so helpful to me over the past three months - I have texted you, emailed you, called you, and facebook you with questions about this or that and you have always given me great advice and encouragement. Simply, you've gone out of your way to help us both - WyNott and me - reach our potential.


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this to you, Angie. I will, forever, be indebted to you for my WyNott. My fabulous girl.

Mandy Hotckiss



"Beautiful Examples of the Breed..."

Our family has adopted two dogs from Reece Kennels. The first, a male born in 2008 that we named Heisman and the second, a female born in 2012 that we named Emmy. Both dogs are wonderful. They are beautiful examples of their breed. Angie is an amazing breeder. She has kept in contact with our family, is concerned about the health and welfare of her dogs and is always willing to help an owner if they have questions or concerns. We would highly recommend Angie and Reece Kennels to anyone interested in adopting an adorable, goofy, energetic, loving and healthy German Wirehaired Pointer puppy. They are simply the best dogs!

Camille and Phil Kuri



"I Knew We Couldn't Go Wrong..."

I have known Angie Johnson the owner of Reece Kennels for over 30 years and when we came to her looking for a new family pet she did everything she could to make sure we got the right puppy for our family. This being our first GWP she educated us on all the requirements that it takes to own a dog of this breed. We poured through the education portion of ReeceKennels.com website, visited her dogs and puppies several times and she continually drilled us on the commitment it takes to own a sporting breed especially one that requires so much exercise and time. We decided to take the plunge and jumped in feet first. While owning a puppy is a lot of work we are so much in love with our Scooby. What a great family pet... but most importantly we know that we have the full support of our breeder and one of my best friends Angie Johnson. I knew we couldn't go wrong.

Deirdre Ochipinti


"Everything We Wanted..."

When Joy and I decided we wanted a dog we spent hours researching breeds to find the one perfect for us. We wanted a dog that was very active, playful, social, attractive, and one that would form a close bond with us. Based on our research we determined that a German Wirehaired Pointer would be the best fit, but we had trouble finding GWP breeders until we stumbled across Angie. Angie confirmed what we already knew and we decided that we would wait for one of Angie's puppies. In fact we waited nearly 9 months for one of her puppies and it was well worth the wait. We absolutely love our boy Bear and consider him a great part of the family. He is extremely smart and is everything we wanted in a companion. He is a great hiking partner and we are looking forward to hunting him eventually. Thanks so much Angie, and we look forward to adding another fur baby from you in the future.

Bobby Chapman


Exceeded My Expectation

Dealing with Reece Kennels has been nothing short of perfect!  They are involved with their dogs, improving the breed and helping their puppy buyers to find that perfect puppy for them and to help give them the tools to excel at what is most meaningful to the relationship between puppy and you the new owner.  They are honest and supportive and the glue that holds all of us together like a family!


The puppy that I received from Reece Kennels has more than exceeded my expectations in every way.  She is beautiful, brilliant and birdy.  What more could you want in a faithful companion?


Having owned a couple of GWP's in the past and not having a successful experience, I was apprehensive to get another one however once I saw a photo of my puppy, I couldn't imagine life without her.  This venture back into the breed has been more than I could have ever imagined.  This is in large part to the planning of this breeding, the start in life that she was given by her breeders and the continued support we are given as together my puppy and I explore any and every venue we choose to do because she is that good!  I am eternally grateful for this special little girl who has transformed me.

Beverly Blanchard



"Temperament is Magnificent..."

I love working with Angie Johnson of Reece Kennels. As a prospective owner, I signed a puppy application and provided information to Angie about my ability to care for one of her puppies. She was very thorough and I really appreciated that. Once I was approved and the puppies were born, Angie provided me with weekly photos and videos of the puppies. On July 2012, I brought home a beautiful little girl that I named Gracie. She is now a year and half old. She is training in Obedience, Rally and Agility with the AKC. She is perfectly healthy, lively and full of enthusiasm for everything we do together. I'm biased, but I also think Gracie is truly beautiful. And her temperament is magnificent. At a very young age, Gracie has already earned an obedience and rally title and is excelling in agility by leaps and bounds. We hope to be competing in agility in the next few months.

Throughout our journey, Angie has always been interested in Gracie's progress. I like that we have kept in touch and that she has put me in contact with other GWP owners so that we can share our experiences. Its like our own little GWP family/group. I know that Reece Kennels cares about their dogs throughout their lifetime. That sense of care and dedication tells me that I have one special GWP.

Thank you to Angie and all at Reece Kennels. I love my Gracie.

Lorraine Leal


"Restored My Faith..."

Pearl is our third GWP, and she is proving to be a real crackerjack.


Tenacious, fearless, curious, attentive, very social, and most importantly very tractable; in some of those respects outside my general experience with the breed.  From the first step into our house it seemed she knew she belonged, acted as such, and bonded very quickly with our 7 year old GWP Splash.  Her well adjusted nature I attributed to Reece Kennels attentions pre-whelping, or possibly sound breeding stock, most probably a winning combination of both.  


My experience with Angie, as a breeder, restored my faith.  Pearl is ALL we hoped for, and as a former multi dog (Brittany's and Labs) bird hunter, I can say with some authority her demonstrated qualities indicate clearly she will make a great gun dog.

George Greiger



"Your Line is at the Top..."

Thanks for everything you have done with helping Jamie and myself. I have never been in love with a dog like I am with Sawyer. He has the personality and drive to hunt that I absolutely love. Your line is at the top of my list and we can't thank you enough.

Jeff Robertson


"Two Exceptional People..."

If you successfully make it through the screening process, and are selected to receive a puppy from Reece Kennels, you should consider yourself extremely blessed. We are so thankful to have our Cali. She's our 5th GWP and by far the brightest and most athletic yet. Literally coming from top bloodlines in the country, she has been a joy to have in our lives. Moreover, making friend's with Angie and Mike has been such a huge bonus. They are two exceptional people and run a world class operation.

Martin Mueller



"He is Extremely Smart..."

We are so happy with Maverick. He has assimilated into our family like he was born here. He was so well socialized with people and dogs, that I have not had one moment of timidness from him, and he is extremely smart, and that is coming from an owner with 2 Aussies who are pretty smart also!! He is absolutely beautiful!! We love him to death!!


Thanks also for all your informative emails about puppy info you sent. Very helpful even though I have had dogs for years.

Kathleen Jones


"Personality Plus..."

Reece Kennels bred a spectacular dog in every way in our 5-year-old male, Dodge.   He is such a handsome GWP.  He has all the great traits that this breed should possess, and personality plus.  He is a real family dog and very social with other people and other dogs as well.  The reality is he has won the hearts of our non-dog loving friends!  (How can there be any such person, right?) If you are looking for a stable and healthy GWP, go to Reece kennels and Ms. Angie Johnson. 


Marsha Lewsley and Mike Agajeenian



"Welcome Us with Open Arms..."

We would like to thank Angie and Mike Johnson at Reece Kennels for welcoming us with open arms to their GWP family. They have entrusted us with with four beautiful GWP's, Rumor, Avery, Cash and BeBe. These dogs have taken us on adventures we never thought possible. With Rumor being close to finishing her Dual Championship to BeBe winning BOB at Westminster, AKC National Championship and GWP National Specialty. We could not of asked for more from these wonderful dogs. Thanks so much for all you do for us. 

Rick & Dee Donohue


"Picked The Perfect Pup..."

Jax was our first GWP. Not knowing much about the breed, Angie has been great in educating us and encouraging us with all our agility, tracking and other adventures. "Grandma Angie" as we affectionately call her is always asking how we did at a trial or what we are up to next. She is always a text, email or phone call away, always willing to take the time to explain or discuss.


When it was time for another puppy we went back to Angie and got Kitt. In both instances I told Angie what I was looking for in a performance pup and she has picked the perfect pups for us! When you get a Reece puppy, you get a "grandma" for life!

Lori Patterson


"Process was First Class..."

I would like to thank Angie for providing such a great puppy to my family. The entire process was first class. Not only was she available to answer any question I had before we picked up our puppy, but she's been willing to follow up in the weeks since. Our puppy adjusted immediately to our farm and I have to believe that comes from Angie being such a great breeder and caring for the dogs extremely well. Our little guy loves water already and I can't wait to see how he continues to grow and take me on adventures with him.

Will Bentley


"Pure Energy & Pure Joy!"

Our GWP, Ritzy, joined our family last fall. She is pure energy and pure joy! Angie Johnson, from Reece Kennels, gave us lots of information and suggestions for raising a GWP. Angie  was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Ritzy 'took' to training and is well-mannered but mischievous. She accompanies us in all that we do-- hiking, camping, riding to the beach and working on the farm. She is my running buddy! Our lives  would not be the same without her! We are proud to be part of Reece Kennels family.

Bonnie and John Josey


"Positive Experience..."

Dealing with Reece Kennels was a very easy and positive experience. Every question or concern we had during the process was answered in a friendly and professional manner. We especially loved all the photos, videos and updates we received on our puppy during the wait. We had our puppy transported by air and again a very easy and smooth process. We couldn't be happier with our little Remington and at 9 weeks of he's already pointing birds and random items in the yard. Remi is very confident and outgoing puppy, he is not scared of anything and has been go go go since he arrived at our home, a sure sign of fantastic breeding! Thank you so much for this excellent puppy!

Donna McGonigal


"Sharp as a Tack..."

We got our GWP...aka Birdy from Reece Kennels Flyer and Marley litter and she is doing great! She is settling into the family, more like running it.... she is quite rotten and lovable all at the same time. She has many names, lady-burglar because every morning she raids the closets and grabs whatever she can grab. Lady-bug because she loves to snuggle at night. She's been in the field and did well. She's a great running buddy and loves to run beside the bike. Most of all she loves baths and a blow dry! She DEMANDS attention and loves to be the center of the attention. She is a hoot, sharp as a tack and happy all the time. When her eyes are open in the morning she is ready to GO, GO, GO. We are very happy with our little German.

Kim Johnson



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