First, and most important, enjoy one of the closest and most interesting relationships with a dog that you are ever likely to experience. Then ask yourself what you enjoy doing. It's pretty likely your GWP can participate.

Aside from its unique coat, one of the most distinguishing features of the GWP is its versatility and its adaptability. Waterfowl retriever...Pointer of upland game birds...Blood tracker of wounded deer...Hunter and Retriever of fox, hare, rabbit and similar small furred game; this breed is all of this and more.

GWP's have competed successfully in Schutzhund trials in Germany. In Scandanavia, in addition to hunting, the breed competes in a form a ski racing in which the dog pulls its human partner, the skier, by means of a special harness.

In North America, the breed is a popular personal gun dog in addition to having achieved success in AKC Field Trials, Hunt Test and NAVHDA. The GWPCA has long stressed the dual purpose dog throughout its history. Unlike other members of the Sporting Group, with few exceptions, there is still no split between 'field type' and 'show type.'

In the US, the breed has had many Best in Show winners, and a large number who have won or placed in group. It also has many dogs with agility, obedience and tracking titles. A sizeable percentage of titled GWP's have achieved titles in more than one activity, and many show, agility and obedience dogs are also used as hunting dogs.

In fact, attaining excellence in more than one field of endeavor is not uncommon to the breed. Several hundred GWP's have run in North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) tests since that organization's founding in 1969, and a high percentage qualified in those tests. Many of those dogs were also show champions, field champions, hunting title holders and obedience title holders. Many have done well in National Shoot to Retrieve trials.

GWP's have performed with the Ringling Bros. circus (one was a show champion), and have acted in movies. The star of Walt Disney's movies The Biscuit Eater and Bristleface were both GWP's. As with most 'stars', there were even several fellow GWP's who acted as stand-ins!

This is a breed that enjoys plenty of exercise. Even GWP owners who prefer not to participate in any particular organized dog activity find that their dog makes an excellent companion on camping and fishing trips (your dog will want to retrieve your bait and your fish!). They even make fine jogging companions.

In short, the activities in which you can participate with your GWP are limited only by your interests, financial resources, the location in which you live, and the time you have available to devote to your dog's training